ANCESTHOR - The Human Nature


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First album of this killer Thrash Metal band from México, the songs are very powerful and at times can be both, melodic and aggressive as hell!!! You’ll not be disappointed with this release, that’s for sure!

"The initial impression of The Human Nature can be pretty energetic, as the album opens with the hard-hitting and fast Soundless Pain, almost suggesting a constant speedfest similar to Suicidal Angels. But as it turns out, Ancesthor's sound is more varied than that. Although the pace is often enough more than sufficiently fast, the band's performance includes also a fair dose of slower and more emphatic moments that contribute to a bit more versatile picture. While the result is still not terribly striking, the observable credibility is at least on an adequate level, and the outcome doesn't sound quite as boring as some other ordinary releases these days do".
Classic Thrash Reviews

"Mexicans know how to thrash. Yep, they indeed do. There are more than a fair amount of good examples about Mexican Thrash Metal bands that have managed to stir up Metalheads' curiosity about them - some better, and some worse. This 4-piece act obeying the name ANCESTHOR, clearly belongs to that better half of Mexican Thrash Metal bands that really have this sort of inborn tendency to kick our fragile asses well enough. Well, at least my butt is full of blue bruises after the band's merciless Thrash-beating session, lasting over 40-minutes - ah well, metaphorically speaking of course. ANCESTHOR lead heavily on things old school within their mid-paced Thrash Metal approach, reminding me surprisingly much of EXUMER's "Possessed By Fire" era, a bit of SLAYER - and when it comes to some specific guitar melodies here and there - surprise, surprise, it's IRON MAIDEN's name that tends to pop up from time to time. With a combination of all aforementioned elements, they all create a nice backbone for ANCESTHOR's beautifully floating, very riff-based Thrash Metal, which is a real pleasure to listen to. Vocalist and guitarist Joseph Juárez has a nice, somewhat raw and testosterone-oozing tone in his voice that fits into the band's hard-boiled Thrash Metal real well. I bet I am not the only one here to say that he brings Mem Von Stein (vocalist of EXUMER) to mind, so feel free to take that as compliment, dear Joseph. At the end of the day this is the kind of Thrash Metal that I prefer listening to, paying a great amount of homage to some true traditions of Thrash Metal. ANCESTHOR have also realized wisely that less is more as far as their song structures are concerned. Then again, you can hardly go wrong with a song title like 'Thrash Metal Iron Smash', can you?"
Voices From the Darkside


released September 1, 2011

Recorded Mixed & Mastered at Decibel Vega Studio, México, D.F., June - July 2011
Recorded and Engineered by Gustavo García
Mixed and Produced by Gustavo García & Ancesthor
Executive Production by José Antonio Sánchez for Metal Ways Records
Cover Artwork by Miguel Angel Tenorio (Colectivo “Materia Roja”)
Cover Concept by Ancesthor
Band Logo and Graphic Design by José Antonio Sánchez for Metal Ways Records



all rights reserved


METAL WAYS RECORDS Mexico City, Mexico

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Track Name: Soundless Pain

The endless night has just started
Bringing torment and insomnia
Trapped inside my thoughts and conscience
...There’s no place to escape

A fearless beast is what I am
I lack of soul and sanity
My thoughts emerging from the dark
Raise my hate and anger

Evil voices in my head
Deafening sounds and deafening pain
I can’t protect my minds or thoughts
From this soundless pain

Solo: Luis

Insanity has take control
I can’t deny the truth
Rotting in my empty soul
I feel the madness inside


Solo: Joseph

There’s no cure for this disease
I’m sentenced to live like this
No emotion I can feel
Only this...

Soundless pain (x4)
Track Name: Ancesthor

Fashion is our enemy
We will make it die
Thrash is our religion
We will make it worth

There’s no trend to follow
We cannot betray
Thoughts and idealism
That we share by bond

They will say I’m crazy
I don’t give a fuck
We can’t ever be like you
We will keep it true

Let the people rot in hate
Let the christians burn in hell
We will bring the mosh to you
Leaving our souls in the stage

United we stand
Together as one
We’ll fight till the end
‘Cause we’re ANCESTHOR! (X2)


Solo: Joseph
Solo: Luis
Solo: Joseph
Solo: Luis
Track Name: Feeding Your Deceptions

In the need to belief
In someone to guide our paths
Humanity has found what we
Think it might be our salvation

Mankind has been blind by fear
In a world of cruelty
Darkness will embrace your mind
If you say their poisoned prayers

Solo: Luis

Deluded by a need of faith
I’m dismay by their dismal souls
Treacherous people wash their minds
There’s falsehood in their words

There’s no god to pray, nor miracles to wait
You’re the only one that can build your faith
Decadent society, subjugated minds
I can’t understand how we let this happen

Devoid of your own thoughts
You’re force to swallow all their fairy tales
You have made the questions
But they can’t give you answers

Solo: Luis

You’re capitalized
With money of the damned
Trying to wash their sins
Feeding your deceptions
Track Name: Tyrant

Societies collapsing falling into rotting hopes
Following a leader through the path of his deceit
Tyranny will reign the people with his iron fist
Ignorance will become his most powerful allied

Without mercy he will crush everything at sight
Distortioning the truth and controlling all the media
Corruption everywhere there’s no place where we can hide
Oppression you have brough, we will annihilate you now

Bringing down the tyrant
We must dethrone him now
Bringing down the tyrant
Fighting for control
Bringing down the tyrant
Democracy is here
Bringing down the tyrants

Commander of destruction you will fall by the man
The man that you enslaved he will send you straight to hell
Because we have the power, because we have the cause
Bringer of destruction you’re going down...

Solo: Joseph
Solo: Luis
Track Name: Thrash Metal Iron Smash

No remorse, there will be no regret at all
Five minutes alone with you is all I need
I will crush your skull and break your putrid bones
In hell you’re going to sleep for what you have done

Thrash Metal Iron Smash!!!

You have killed more innocents than World War II
Holy water cannot wash your bloody hands
I will smash your teeth and rip your fucking eyes
The sins you hide, are one way ticket to hell

Feel my anger in your face I do not feel remorse
Where is your god?
He won’t save you this time
You have abused so many kids
But you’re protected by them
The ones who represent your god and turn themselves in saints

You’ve been hiding many centuries
In the shadows of what you belief
You will fill their hearths with faith
As fire fills the skies with pain
Now it’s time for you to feel my fucking...

Thrash Metal Iron Smash!!!

Solo: Luis


Solo: Joseph
Track Name: Death Or Glory

United for a cause our heroes forged the history
Looking at their glory and holding to their victory
Nothing ever stopped these mighty metal warriors
Mortals that have reached immortality
Never coming back, never turning back
Their legacy remains for eternity
The one that we defend is made of dreams of steel
Can’t never be destroyed
Can’t never be forgotten

We’re following the hymn of those who never died
We’ll try to touch the sky and reach the people’s minds
The battles that they’ve won, immortalized by time
The victories they had, remain at our hearts
Trying to defend what they believed was true
And left a trace in life that we can admire
Endless victory awaits to those who take the risk
Life is to those who dare to challenge destiny

We’ll take our chance
It’s just one life
And keep the faith
But never die
Following their victories
We’re going to choose
The glorious way they made
Death or glory

Solo: Joseph
Solo: Luis
Solo: Joseph
Solo: Luis

Track Name: Until You Die

Let’s fight!!!

From other planets they have come
Just to crush us down
Furthers coming far away
Just to rule the earth

Darkness has embrace the skies
Evil has return
No mercy with those motherfuckers
Show them who we are
Bringers of decease
You’ve come to spread fear
Now we’ll strike you down
It is our chance

This night we’ll fight
For all mankind
We won’t give up
Until you die

We are the war
We are the ones
We won’t give up
Until you die

Flying saucers in the sky
Nuclear weapons in their hands
Destiny has knock your door
Get out of your house and fight

Monsters of the universe
You could not expect
We are the deadliest force
This universe can spawn
We’ll bring you down your ships
And make your green blood run
An epic battle will take part
In the twilight of our lifes

Solo: Joseph


Solo: Luis
Track Name: A Falling Sun

Solo: Luis

A dying sun is falling
Waiting for the moon to rise
Habitants of earth think that hell is near
Yet they don’t know that hell is here

Hecatomb has bring you death
Like fire burning flesh
Ripping, burning, slashing lifes
Bringing hell on earth

Solo: Joseph

A dying sun is falling
The end is coming
No one will protect you
Fire is burning

Thunders roaring, angels fall
Evils rising from above
Chaos reigning, oceans melting
God has brought you nothing but death

No one will stop this mayhem
No one will survive
Extreme destruction is making nightmares
Turn into reality

Hear the echoes of the explosions
The bastard sound of hate

Machinery of destruction
Condemning to your death
Catastrophes will come
To bring your life to an end
There is nothing left
We’re trapped inside the nightmare
Chaos and destruction
There won’t be a tomorrow

Solo: Joseph
Solo: Luis
Track Name: Annihilation Of Mankind

A self destructive raze has begun to dig its grave
We’re taking our existence to the morbid end
Created to destroy and kill what we most love
The time has come right now to prey for our sins
A blackened sun beholds the world and lead us to apocalypse
Global warning, holy wars, nuclear holocaust
We have write our fate were it can’t be erased
There’s no god to pray that can’t save us from the end

Hunger, death and pain embracing our world
Humanity will fall into the darkest depths
How can we destroy what we worked to build?
Consequences will come, we’ll have to pay the price
Annihilation at sight self destructive end
Ending once for all with this sickened world

Many wars for lands were fought
And many lives have passed before
The red skies will fall in rain
Washing our sins with blood

The blood will flow the streets painting them in red
What do we’ve inherit?
A rotten dying world
A hell waits for us, in eternal fire we will burn
Can we see what we are doing devastating our home?
Corrupt politicians do not care the world
People dying by the orders of idiots at command
Religious differences tearing us apart
We have found what we seek
Annihilation of mankind

Annihilation of mankind
The countdown has just begun
Annihilation of mankind
Our biggest enemy it’s us
Annihilation of mankind
No hope, no chance we’re going down
Annihilation of mankind

Solo: Joseph
2nd Verse
Solo: Luis
Track Name: The Human Nature

Solo: Luis

Teach me the way to eternity
Searching the light where shadows are born
No one could know the evil within
That lies in our hearts
That lies in our souls

We’re following our dreams
And holding them till death
But soon they’ll be gone
As well as our will
To grip them tight and fight for it
Then we will die, then we will fall

We are blinded by the truth
That hides our hope through our deceits
Impossible to understand
The human nature and its atrocities

We will spawn the darkest days
that this world has witness
Dogmas and believes
Collide in our wars

Burn your gods and forget frontiers
There’s no heaven, nor burning hell
How complex we are?
Yet simple at the time

Chorus / Solo: Luis / Chorus

Let the tears of blood
Stain the seas of regret
Let the fire burn
Spreading the ashes through the world

You can be the sun and the light of the truth
You will make the difference in this world
Nightmares will fly away
No more atrocities

No more pain!!!, No more atrocities!!!

Solo: Luis